Our Home

Our house is a beautiful example of Victorian Architecture. Originally built in 1891 for Col. and Mrs. Yates, the house has a storied history. The Yates were heavily involved with the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, helping establish the ROTC program and the Pershing Rifles. Since then, the property has been called home to many different people and groups.  The house even welcomed fraternities and sororities in the 1930’s. Understanding this history, it is with great respect and privilege that we now call this our home.  We look forward to adding to the rich history of the Yates House.


720 S 16th Street

Lincoln, NE 68508


The house boasts many amenities, including:
  • Multiple study areas with community computers
  • Unique landscaping
  • Beautiful parlor room
  • Full kitchen
  • Billiards table and Ping Pong Table
  • Classic mechanical Pinball Machine
  • Movie/tv area with full cable TV package
  • Classic finishing throughout
  • Onsite and street parking
  • Basketball hoop
  • Abundant storage
  • Designated storm shelter area

We are excited to use this property to grow in brotherhood and to strengthen the ability of our members in every aspect of their college career. Beyond the physical offerings of the house, members are surrounded by their brother’s shared Lutheran faith.