UNL Beta Sigma Psi Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for Christian men who are enrolling full time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the upcoming academic year. The scholarship(s) is awarded annually to young men who demonstrate the ideals of a Christian gentlemen. Along with the application, the applicant may wish to provide a letter of reference from the applicants’ pastor, a Beta Sigma Psi alumnus, or a teacher, though this is not required. Applicants will be contacted about scheduling an interview, as applications are received. The interviews will take place in the city of Lincoln, NE, at a time, and place, that works for both the interviewee, and interviewers. Ideally, interviews would take place during the applicants New Student Enrollment date; however, interviews can be scheduled upon the commencement of the fall semester at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

This scholarship is made possible by an endowment to the Delta Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi, a National Lutheran Fraternity, at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Deadline: Postmarked by July 31st

Eligibility: Applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale and beginning their first year at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. The award is contingent upon the applicant demonstrating the ideals of a Christian gentlemen and will be distributed during the fall semester.

Awards: All scholarships awarded are for $1,000.

Return Address: 1024 New Hampshire St., Lincoln, NE 68508.

Contact: For questions regarding the scholarship and application, please contact Brett Mahnke via email at, brett.mahnke@gmail.com

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